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The CASA Principles


Designing homes with comfort and health in mind so that people want to live in them. In addition, homes should provide a healthy indoor climate and promote a healthy lifestyle


More often than not, what limits the availability of technology is its cost. By improving efficiency in materials, time and energy, these new homes should be no more expensive than an average home


Currently, we need more than three times the land area available on earth to sustain our society. Homes should be designed so that the ecological footprint of its residents is neutral or even better.


While policymakers make promises about reducing emissions and stopping climate change, the construction market is slow to adapt. Housing alternatives must be fast if society is to stop climate change in this generation.


Our goals

Build homes to demonstrate the feasibility of integrating:

• Slim Bouwen® – waste, CO2 emissions, weight, volume & building time reduction
• Demountable – materials are separately recyclable with minimal downcycling
• Prefabrication – to reduce costs and increase efficiency

• Integrated thermal and electrical energy production
• Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage
• Local DC grid with electric energy storage ± 10kWh

• Intelligent, autonomous control system
• Simple UI for climate control, energy monitoring, lighting, safety and security
• Open software platform for implementation of specific domotics & home automation

• Connecting Smart Grids & Mobility: electricity load balancing, sustainable transport
• Smart Common areas: users co-create and co-manage the collective domain
• Research opportunities for the TU / e in optimizing hardware and software

CASA 1.0

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