Everything about the continuation project of CASA 1.0.

Demonstratie Energie Innovatie subsidie
Een Topsector Energiesubsidie van het Ministerie van Economische Zaken

Team CASA has a follow-up project together with Hurks: Demonstration CASA house. This project aims to realize and demonstrate a serial construction of social CASA homes. Our underlying goal is to demonstrate the integration of:

  • a sustainable construction process,
  • production and storage of energy during operation,
  •  a user-oriented living experience and
  • the surrounding community.

This should make it possible to offer the owners and investors in the social housing market a commercial use solution. To make this possible, Team CASA focuses on the first phase on 4 core activities:

1. application of seasonal storage,
2. development of the Service Core,
3. development of a control system and
4. integration of all elements into a final product.

Together with Hurks and other partners, there will eventually be a demonstration project with 8 houses and above all an integrated construction and installation method for sustainable social housing.


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    Matrix building (room 1.239)
    Parking P12
    De Groene Loper 10
    Eindhoven,  the Netherlands