Partners and Sponsors

Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition by bringing together the right partners from the academic and business world to integrate and innovate in the construction environment.


Eaton is a power management company that provides energy-efficient solutions that help their customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services.

HoCoSto is a company that has defined as a mission to restore the earth. They do this by lowering the consumption of fossil fuels. For this, they have developed a Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES): an underground water tank. In this STES, energy is stored as heat in water. This heat can be used later. The STES or HoCoSto will be placed underneath CASA 1.0. In future projects, it will not only be used as energy storage, but also as the foundation.

The engineers and consultancy company Volantis surprises with and inspires new applications in the sectors of building, infrastructure and industry. They mostly work in the fields of energy and computer science. Volantis advises Team CASA regarding heat. Together with Volantis, Team CASA has designed its innovative heating system for CASA 1.0.

KAW thinks sustainability is important and showcases this in a personal, innovative, excellent and distinguished program called KAW/e. We bundle research and present the applications in projects. The ‘/e’ says something about the origin of our vision on sustainability and the close contact with the TU/e.

Vervest is a structural design & consultancy firm, with the main task to design safe constructions and to consult on constructions. They use a proactive method, introducing surprising innovative solutions. Then they make calculations and technical drawings, providing a full product that you can rely on. They helped Team CASA with the calculations of the construction.

Over the last 60 years, DYKA have grown to be an international provider of sustainable solutions for the building market. Not only does DYKA everything they need to get the best system design possible; DYKA are providing CASA 1.0 with everything that we need for the sewage and rainwater piping of our house. In addition, they are working with a new system that flushes the toilets with rainwater, to be integrated in our service core.


The goal of the project OPZuid
The establishment of an innovation hub where, in addition to technical skills and substantive knowledge, “21st-century skills” are central, such as system thinking, interdisciplinary cooperation and entrepreneurial attitude. Within the project, students, researchers and companies work together on solutions for major societal challenges, specifically in the field of Smart Cities.
This collaboration in Smart Cities leads to a better match between labour demand and supply:

  • Insight into the need for innovations, knowledge and relevant trained personnel at Smart City-related companies and initiatives;
  • Overview of potential Interdisciplinary Engineering Projects (IDEPs) with companies and insight into which training programs can and will give substance to this;
  • 10 Interdisciplinary and hands-on collaborations between students, companies and researchers (IDEPs), student teams and startups
  • A valorization process that works up knowledge and tangible results from the courses (IDEPs) to new products and startups.

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