Team CASA: Blog

Team CASA: Blog

Creating a comfortable, affordable, sustainable alternative for Dutch social housing. That is our mission, that is what CASA stands for. We are a team of motivated students who want to change the housing market, making it more sustainable and affordable without harming the comfort of a house.

We want to start this blog series in such a special year, 2020, because this is the year in which our first house, CASA 1.0 will be built. It is been more than three years since this team started its way and we want to start this blog by sharing our vision, what does CASA want to accomplish, why do we want to achieve it, and how does CASA 1.0 gets closer to the team’s goal. But in this blog series we will share from team experiences to more technical articles about how the technology in our house works and makes it sustainable.

We want to accomplish this because the current housing industry is responsible for the 30% of the national waste in The Netherlands, and nearly the 40% of its CO2 emissions. This numbers must change as soon as possible if we want, for example, meet the Paris agreement. However, this is not about meeting agreements, but about making this world a better place, or at least saving it from becoming a worse one.

With CASA 1.0 we want to show that a more sustainable living is possible, being affordable as well as comfortable. We will show that it is possible to build a house using only biodegradables or recyclable materials, and even make it energy efficient by generating and storing energy. Last but not least, we want to show that the technology to make this is created, and if a team of students can make it, what can an expert group do? Or what about an entire society?   

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